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Diane Von Hoffman

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Ladies International Wrestling Association Convention, Las Vegas, NV,

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June 16 - 18, 1999


In 1999, Diane was recovering from two separate accidents, and multiple surgeries. Imagine the concern she felt when she received the invitation to attend the LIWA convention in Las Vegas. Diane felt her dream of returning to the ring was just that, a dream. However, the sounds of the crowd, and the euphoria of the fight kept calling her. Finally, Diane gave in, packed up her bags and some friends, and off they went to Las Vegas.


Once at the convention, Diane was surprised to meet all the fans she thought she had left behind.

She was busy signing autographs left and right, and posing for pictures. Diane was elated that so many fans remembered who she was. She spent time with each and every one of them, making sure they were not neglected. Diane loves her fans and would not allow any of them to go unattended.


Finally the time came for Diane to see if she still had what it took in to make it in the ring. With a combination of anxiety and excitement she slipped into her suit and when the time came made her way to the ring. Her first match was a battle royal. Diane was worried about the healing injuries and if she would be able to withstand the punishment that would soon begin. At the sound of the bell, Diane joined the melee, and hooked up a few times. But with the fear of injury lurking in the back of her mind, she could not fully concentrate on the match, and with an overwhelming number of girls ganging up on her, she was eliminated from the competition.


The second match was a tag team match with Diane partnering with Violet Flame taking on Margaret Garcia and Josie Navarro. Diane realized that her fear was more damaging than the injuries, and was determined not to give in to her apprehensions. The crowd popped when Diane and Violet entered the ring, and soon the match was underway. Diane was stellar as she tore into Josie Navarro, not letting up from the start. Soon the only thing in Diane's mind was what hold or painful punishment she could inflict next. Before she knew it the match was over, with her and Violet the declared winners.


Thank God that Diane attended the LIWA convention because now she knows she HAS what it takes to get back into the ring.

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